Biographical articles are submitted to the editorial board of the Lithuanian Sports Encyclopedia by filling in the LSE questionnaire.

You can download the form HERE . Email completed by mail: .
Or fill out the electronic version on this page.

In case of doubt, please contact tel. 8-614 472 82.

If you have historically important photos, report or send - .


  • Criteria for entering the LSE
    Before filling in the form, read the criteria for compiling the LSE nomenclature and write down the criterion (s) according to which you enter the LSE (eg: athlete - Table 1, point 11; Coach - Table 2.1, point 1; Manager - 2.4 Table 6 points)
  • Describes the person
    Non-Lithuanians and non-Lithuanian citizens, vol. p. non-Lithuanian Lithuanian citizens (if they wish) also indicate their surname and first name (s) in their language (Latin characters) in brackets. For women, include the maiden name as well.

  • Date of birth (if not known - baptism), place - in the nominative case (until 1950 under the then name, from 1950 under the current name, with the higher administrative unit for villages and towns).
    (village, district (before 1950 county and county) or city)
    (village, district (before 1950 county and county) or city)
  • Top titles and degrees (with years)
    E.g. judge (2007), etc.), science (eg doc. (1999), prof. (1981), dr. (1992), habil.dr. (2000), if after nostrification, write as follows: dr. (Bachelor of Medicine (1985)), Dr. Habil (Biomed., Dr. 1985), Military, Honorary (eg, LAPE Honorary Dr. (2000)).
  • Education
    Indicate the name of the school (for rural and township schools and a higher administrative unit) with the date of completion (if still studying - beginning of studies) (eg: Vilnius A. Vienuolis Secondary School (1972)), and higher or special, eg LKKI (1988), if studying - LAPE (since 2007).
    (example: Vilnius A. Vienuolis Secondary School)
  • Workplaces
    List in chronological order the posts held so far (with dates). Provide the full name of the workplace or organization. Write different jobs on new lines (by clicking the plus sign).
    (example: Vilnius A. Vienuolis Secondary School)
  • Social activities
    Only the most important facts and responsibilities of social activities (with dates) are presented. Write different social activities from a new line. Fill in this box if you hold a management position in any non-governmental organization at national level, write the full name of the organization; if it is an international or foreign organization, write its name in the original language, explain the abbreviations.
  • The most important sports results in competitions
    Wins in the most important competitions (1 year in Lithuanian, 1–3 years in USSR championships and spartakiads; 1–3 years in European, 1–6 years in world championships; 1 year in European and world youth, youth championships; all places in the Olympic Games; 1-3 years in Universiade, 1 year in Baltic and Baltic tournaments, etc.) indicating the sport, match, dates.
    (Eg: Olympic Games, Lithuanian Championship)
  • Sports records
    Sports records (Lithuanian, USSR, European, world, Olympic) with dates and their retention period.
  • Athletes (past and present) - Coach (s)
    Name (s) of your trainer (s), training period (from to which year).
  • For coaches - the most famous students
    Name and maximum winnings of the athlete (s) being trained with the year or team names and maximum winnings with date.
  • For judges - the most important judging competition
    Competition name, place, year.
  • For managers
    The most important ongoing or implemented projects are each project in a separate field. The most important results of the activities of the managed institutions and their contribution to the history of Lithuanian sports.
  • For researchers
    Dissertation topic (s), year of defense.
  • Awards
    State awards - orders and medals (only of the Republic of Lithuania and other countries, except the USSR), state prizes, the highest awards of international and national Lithuanian sports organizations. Indicate the year of receipt.
  • Your literature / publications
    Books, textbooks on sports, of which you are the author / co-author, indicate the titles, year of publication, place of publication.
  • literature / publications about the person being described
  • other important information
    Kiti svarbūs Jūsų veiklos ar biografijos faktai, kuriuos norėtumėte paminėti, bet neradote tam tinkamos grafos šioje anketoje.
Lietuvos Sporto Enciklopedija
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